Emmys 2020

Emmys 2020: Awards Live Online full show virtual ceremony TV stars are preparing to dial in to this year’s Emmy Awards which will take place as a virtual ceremony later. Jimmy Kimmel will return to hosting.

The 72nd Emmy Awards on Sunday at 8 p.m. Eastern time won’t look anything like the earlier ceremonies celebrating the year’s achievements in television and streaming. Red carpet? Canceled. Actors seated shoulder to shoulder in an auditorium as the envelopes are unsealed? Nope.

This year, Emmy Awards are different courtesy coronavirus pandemic. The award ceremony is happening virtually. Jimmy Kimmel, who has earlier hosted the ceremony, will take the stage in the Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles but this time the audience won’t consist of celebrities decked up in their best outfits. He will host the show in the presence of production staff and a few stars.

To avoid the drawbacks of a Zoom call, the showrunners have arranged for many movie-quality cameras, lights and microphones to capture live and spontaneous reactions from winners in their living rooms. Producers are monitoring 130 live feeds from about 20 cities, including Los Angeles, New York, London, Tel Aviv and Berlin.

A lineup of “special guests” including Oprah Winfrey, Sterling K. Brown and Jason Bateman is slated to appear in some form. Casts of some series are expected to gather together to watch the broadcast.
The one major disappointment for fans is no red carpet event. But, Breanne Heldman, senior TV editor for People magazine, expects that the virtual setup will bring out a different side of celebrities.

It’s honestly pretty nifty, but it also contains the potential for so, so much chaos. Think of your standard videoconferencing operation. Now multiply that by 130 individual live feeds, one for each nominee, not to mention everything going on at the Staples Center in LA, which will be the awards’ hub.

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